Robin Vincent is a veteran of the computer music industry. Back in the 1990’s he ran the PC Product department at Turnkey, released a couple books on the subject and helped design the Carillon AC-1 audio PC and bring it to market. From 2006 he ran the UK operation of audio PC manufacturer “Rain Computers” and from 2013 he formed Molten Music Technology to continue building audio PC’s under his own steam. This independence enabled him to team up with Pro Tools Expert’s own Neil Hester to create The Pro Tools PC, the only computer designed, built and supported exclusively for the use of Pro Tools. He lives with his wife and three young kids in the wilds of Norfolk where he likes to create meditative music and produce electronic soundscapes for Cathedrals. This website, blog, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages are not affiliated to Microsoft in any way – I’m totally independent and my thoughts are my own. Facebook – www.facebook.com/SurfaceProAudio Twitter – www.twitter.com/SurfaceProAudio Molten Music Technology Ltd – www.moltenmusictechnology.com Pro Tools PC – www.pro-tools-pc.com Molten Meditation – www.moltenmeditation.com ► Support my video making with a dollar or two: http://patreon.com/robinvincent ► Check out everything I do on synths, modular, DIY, Surface Pro, music tech software and hardware https://MoltenMusicTechnology.com https://linktr.ee/MoltenModular ► Affiliate link to Thomann music store where I can get pennies for things you buy: https://www.thomann.de/de/index.html?offid=1&affid=1460 ► Affiliate link to Perfect Circuit for a few cents for things you purchase: https://tinyurl.com/molten-PerfectCircuit ► DistroKid 7% discount off your first year’s membership super special Molten VIP link: http://distrokid.com/vip/Molten