Dealing with ASIO4ALL on the Surface Pro 4

While I was shooting the video about setting up the Surface Pro 4 for music production I hit an unexpected problem with the ASIO4ALL driver. metrovet ivermectin for dogs We use ASIO4ALL to wrap up regular windows drivers into a form that works better and with lower latency with music software – it still does this on the SP4 but you have to get the settings right. simpiox ivermectina para que sirve So I’ve created this video to show you what you need to know about using ASIO4ALL on your Surface Pro 4. ivermectin for dogs slow kill dosage Is it the same on the Surface Book? I don’t know – I don’t know if the audio engine is the same, there were no problems on the Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3.

But ultimately it all works out in the end 🙂

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