Surface Session Ep03: Solving the Wi-Fi drop out issue with USB3.0

Add a USB2.0 hub to your Surface to keep your Wi-Fi working

One annoying issue I’ve had ever since I got the Surface Pro 4 is that the Wi-Fi connection would drop every time I plug in a USB3.0 device. It could be a USB3.0 hub, a USB3.0 drive or thumb drive. Everything worked perfectly through it but the internet would disappear. حساب بايير After a lot of faffing around I found the answer in a USB2. بينجو 0 hub – or at least a workaround. Will it have an impact on performance or will it also cure the other issues I’ve encountered? 888 casino عربي Who can tell – but here’s me demonstrating the problem and the solution while having a good old chin wag.

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