Surface Pro 8 – First run with music software

In my first video on the Surface Pro 8, I aim to answer some of the questions about running music production software. I’ll be looking at DAW software like Studio One, Ableton Live, Reason and Bitwig Studio; I’ll be running software synths and drum machines, and all the time looking for those tell-tale CPU peaks, glitches and audio drop-outs. Can the Surface Pro 8 playback audio projects without glitching?

Then I plug in a MIDI keyboard and see what the latency is like using the onboard audio system. I cross-reference it with a couple of different DAWs and instruments to see whether the SP8 and Windows 11 offers any improvement over previous versions. Are the WASAPI drivers good enough to be playable?

And finally, I plug in a Focusrite Clarett Thunderbolt audio interface to see if it works and how much it improves the latency.

The whole adventure is captured in this video where you can see and hear for yourself how well the SP8 is doing – straight out of the box. I haven’t tweaked anything, it’s running on a Balanced power profile and I haven’t installed ASIO4ALL.

My next video will focus on audio performance and what happens to the CPU when it’s under pressure.

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