Microsoft Surface 3 – Full review for music and media production

I’ve been greatly underwhelmed by the sort of reviews that are out there for the new Microsoft Surface 3. It’s like everyone is content to talk about USB ports, running Office and OneNote and how it’s not a bad tablet/hybrid except for the lack of apps in the Store. Geez – doesn’t anyone out there want to see some actual software being run? The Surface 3 runs regular Windows 8. 365 رياضة 1 and so it’ll run any of the gazillions of regular desktop apps including professional music and media production software. What we need to see is how well the Surface 3 can handle intensive content creation software – will it be able to do more than surf the internet?

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Well hopefully I can answer that question. I sat the Surface 3 down next to my Surface Pro 3 and ran a whole load of music software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton, Reason, Maschine, Spark and I even ran Photoshop just to see how it went. محفظة باي بال I demonstrated the software working and compared the CPU usage on both devices. I also ran some plug-in benchmark tests and compared the thermal features. This is the sort of information you need to make a reasonably informed purchasing decision. تعليم لعبة البوكر

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