Surface Pro 2017 audio performance and reliability for music production

Testing the Surface Pro 2017

How many plugins and VST instruments can the Surface Pro 2017 handle? I’ve run exhaustive tests of many different DAWs with many different plug-ins and can now offer a demonstration of the Surface Pro’s potential for music production and reliability. IT’s GOOD! I’ll also show the thermal and CPU stability issues I encountered and how to solve them. Throughout the Surface Pro 2017 has been a reliable and capable platform – is it good enough for what you want? You’ll find out in the video.

It’s a long video because I had to deal with many aspects of performance testing and deal with thermal and stability issues which were important to spend time on. I’ve split it up into chapters and highlights below if you want to dive straight into the part that interests you. But I’d recommend watching the whole thing to get the whole picture. Comments are always welcome!

Introduction: 0:13
Setup under test: 2:59
LatencyMon: 6.32
Tweaking Windows: 7:37
Checkout out the DAWs: 12:20
Dawbench testing in Cubase: 16:18 (demonstrates CPU stability)
Thermal issue: 22:19 (found during Dawbench testing)
Stabilising the CPU: 28:52
Dawbench testing in Cubase take 2: 34:35
Dawbench comparisons with USB hub and Surface Dock: 35:32
Dawbench in Cubase with SGA1566 plugin: 38:09
Dawbench comparison on the Surface Pro 4: 40:04
Playing virtual instruments live: 44:58
Arturia V Collection Piano and Analog Lab: 45:44
Native Instruments Kontakt: 49:05
Polyphony test in Cubase with Halion and Kontakt: 52:52
Full musical project test: 57:12
Summing up… : 1:02:05