Surface Pro 6 DPC Latency Monitor update

Getting ready to shoot my first video on the SP6 which will be trying to establish whether it can handle a low latency stream of audio. تابع اون لاين I’ll be showing how it works with Cubase/Live/Pro Tools untweaked and then tweaked. When testing it this morning with latencyMon it seemed to be a bit of a disaster with DPC latency figures up into the red – not good. I had got some decent playback in Live and Cubase by this point so it was a bit disappointing to see these results. العاب قمار بوكر Anyway I came back to it after lunch, checked Windows update and up came two firmware updates – awesome. I re-ran the test and it is vastly improved. This gives me a lot of hope!

Anyway, I will try to shoot the video tomorrow and see what happens after I tweak the system. Currently, without tweaks I’m getting good playback that descends into glitching as the CPU clocks down for no reason. Provided I can stop that happening then it should work out. العب اون لاين

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