Surface Pro 6 DPC Latency Monitor update

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Getting ready to shoot my first video on the SP6 which will be trying to establish whether it can handle a low latency stream of audio. I’ll be showing how it works with Cubase/Live/Pro Tools untweaked and then tweaked. When testing it this morning with latencyMon it seemed to be a bit of a disaster with DPC latency figures up into the red – not good. I had got some decent playback in Live and Cubase by this point so it was a bit disappointing to see these results. Anyway I came back to it after lunch, checked Windows update and up came two firmware updates – awesome. I re-ran the test and it is vastly improved. This gives me a lot of hope!

Anyway, I will try to shoot the video tomorrow and see what happens after I tweak the system. Currently, without tweaks I’m getting good playback that descends into glitching as the CPU clocks down for no reason. Provided I can stop that happening then it should work out.

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  1. Hey Robin, not sure if the SP6 is the same as the SP5 but if so, I found that since the fall creator’s update to Windows 10 there is a performance slider for power mode when you click on the power icon in the taskbar that when set to ‘best performance’ runs the CPU flat out at all times – even when running on battery! This setting seems to be way more effective than setting the usual min/max CPU in power management via Control panel and seems to operate somewhat independently of the traditional power settings.

      1. Also curious on your thoughts on this. The power tweaks you suggest worked great on my surface book 1, now that I have a surface book 2, using the ‘balanced’ power plan with the ‘power mode’ slider all the way to the right gives me better performance than starting from performance plan with the tweaks. I still feel I should be able to get much better performance out of the SB2 than I do given it specs, so any advice you can on this front would be very helpful! Thank you for the very useful videos.

        1. They all have their own characters. One of things my tweaks do is restrict the processor in order to make it more stable – releasing that restriction might give you better performance in some applications – in others it will just let the CPU ping all over the place. So the power setting of 99% Max CPU – experiment with having that at 100% and see what happens. I’ve not used a SB2 so I don’t know how that processor reacts to things.

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