Surface Pro 6 unboxing and first impressions

I received the Surface Pro 6 today – in black! Thought I would share some ramblings while I opened it. Of course I will be putting it through my usual spread of audio and music production testing. Stay tuned for my detailed analysis and messing about.


5 thoughts on “Surface Pro 6 unboxing and first impressions

  1. Hey, I was following your videos for quite some time now, great work thanks. I decided to make the switch from a MacBook over to a Surface for music because of the touchscreen, so I can also view and go through sheet music easier when playing live.
    Did you already try some things on the SP6? I got really bad results. After receiving it a few days ago I installed only Kontakt, Alicias Keys and my Komplete Audio 6 drivers, Hooked up the piano and tried some settings. On 41KHz with 128 samples for buffer size the audio is crackling and popping at 6.8ms latency. Turning up the buffer to 1024 increases the latency to 27ms (unplayable) and didn’t fix the crackling completely.
    This is weird since my MacBook, which is 3 years old, can run Kontakt on 96 samples (4-5ms latency) without any issues.
    I troubleshooted this with LatencyMon and it seems some drivers are causing this. Disabling Wifi and Bluetooth helped a lot, but also didn’t fix it completely.
    Do you have any recommendation?
    Cheers and keep up the good work!

    1. Interessting to hear about that. I´m also struggeling since like over a year with a Lenove Miix 720 (i7 16GB). I tried like every improvement I could find to improve realtime audio performance to play live with keyscape mainly in Gigperformer. And even if the average CPU load is below 10% with relatively high asio buffer settings, I can hear clicks here and there. It seems there is something general like CPU throttling that makes audio task complicated with this kind of devices.

      1. If my tweaking guide doesn’t help then it looks like you’ve got a bad computer. It’s not about the power it’s about getting that power to the road – to the task of realtime audio and all sorts of things can interrupt the CPU and cause a glitch. Could be throttling, could be a bad driver elsewhere in the system. This is why I spend all this time testing and sharing the results, because you cannot be sure.

  2. Just Came across the site,glad I did..great info.. I’ve been on the fence about a surface pro for some time, I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Hoping to run Omnisphere 2 on it. Don,t need to be running like 20 instances,just a couple as it would be more for a live situation. Any experience running Omnisphere..
    I’ve got my eye on this one

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