Arturia Pigments – Advanced Software Synthesizer – the intuitive review

I have a go at the new Pigments soft synth from Arturia. It’s all wavetable and virtual analogue coupled to a fabulous modulation engine and interesting sequencer. In this video I’m ignoring the presets and getting it to messing with the basics – how easy is it to use, to forge your own sounds and get stuck in. It’s a little bit rushed (to get it done in time for release) and not my finest camera work but hopefully it will give you a flavour for it and encourage you to try different things once you’ve downloaded the demo.


2 thoughts on “Arturia Pigments – Advanced Software Synthesizer – the intuitive review

  1. Nothing worked for me on a SP4 with a ton of glitches on Pianoteq Pro except just this and this is the only tweak I use. I do not use the high performance scheme I saved but the stock balanced.

    I found the problem-solution with my SP4 i7 16GB RAM when I stumbled on a post in the Piano World forum, I don’t usually frequent. The topic was about the audio glitches with Pianoteq on the SP4.

    “I used an application called LatencyMon to track down the culprit. It was the acpi.sys Battery Monitor drivers.
    Once I disabled these in the device manager the problem went away completely. Of course, this means that I don’t get any battery information. So, I’m constantly having to turn them on/off depending on the task I’m performing (music = off, coffee shop work = on). It’s a pretty annoying bug on a device that carries a premium price.

    Note. I know that there were some bugs with the Surface Pro 4 regarding old battery drivers when the device first shipped. It appears as though my device has the latest drivers (2015-11-13) version”

    Mine runs perfectly now with just that one tweak. I use 44100 and can’t go over 64 poly though (for now) because the CPU starts to fail but the problem was not the CPU but the constant glitches and red spikes that are not there anymore. The battery percentage can be turned back on later after using the program takes about 10 seconds


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