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  1. I have a funny question for this forum…I have a Surface Pro 4 and am running Finale v 25 and older versions of Reason on this device. I’ve run into two sticky issues:

    1) Whenever Windows performs automatic updates, the registration info for these programs is deleted from my computer and I have to re-register the software. This is a problem with Finale, as the company only gives me a limited number of registrations before blocking me from registering my (very expensive) software on this machine.

    2) I run into many issues with the Surface’s sound card. Specifically, when I use Finale, the audio often gets very distorted whenever I try to switch from headphones to external speakers (although this has happened in Reason as well). I use ASIO 4 All as my audio driver and have used this forum to help understand how to utilize the program to control my audio driver.

    With my audio card, the main problem is that the 44.1 Khz output (primary output, not headphone output) will go on the fritz and shut off sometimes when using Finale. I’ll try to switch to the 192 Khz output in ASIO 4 All and find that this doesn’t really work. Sometimes rebooting fixes the problem, sometimes not. Finale uses ReWire, so I’m wondering if this might be part of the problem.

    Are there any other software drivers I could download for Windows 10, to help fix this bug?


    1. Hi Chris – this isn’t really a forum but I can have a go at answering your question.
      Are you able to use Finale with the onboard sound without ASIO4ALL? ASIO4ALL is not very convenient if you are changing outputs regularly – it’s best when it’s set and done. If you can use regular Windows drivers that may smooth out the playback at the expense of some latency. For the registration issue you need to be talking to Finale. Rewire just routes the audio of one piece of software through another, it won’t have an impact on anything as such. Check your playback levels though.

      Your best solution is to get a USB audio interface – it will give you proper quality audio, proper headphone sockets and low latency performance with your software. Something like this would do the job –

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