6 thoughts on “Running virtual instruments on the Surface Pro 4

  1. You’re tip made me think about power plans, that is, can we create our them? Yes we can!

    The following was performed from Windows 10 build 10.0.10586.420

    1. Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Power Options
    2. Select one of the predefined power plans : ‘High performance’ for example.
    3. Select ‘Create a power plan’ on the left side.
    4. In the ‘Plan name:’ box, type an appropriate name, e.g. Digital Audio Production
    5. Select ‘Next’ and ‘Create’.
    6. Select the plan created in step 4 and select ‘Change plan settings’.
    7. Select ‘Change advanced power settings’.
    8. Select the link ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’.
    9. Makes the settings changes suggested in your video
    10. Click ‘OK’ when complete.

    Now you have an additional power plan for Digital Audio production.

  2. I’m finding it difficult to make fine grain settings on many virtual instruments using the screen or pen. Often the instrument offers something like “press shift + drag” for finer control, but with no keyboard I can’t do this.
    I did naively try creating a “shift” button on ToolbarCreator, but that doesn’t work (not unexpectedly). Have you come across this sort of thing at all? Having a way to do “alt/shift/ctrl + drag” would be very useful in Cubase also.

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