Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book – which one for music production?

I’m getting asked this question every day. People are very excited by the new Surface Book and Microsoft is on a mission to present it as THE platform for musicians and creative – but does the Surface Pro 4 still have something to offer? ivermectine ordonnance ou pas Well, I made this the focus of Novembers Molten Music Monthly which I hope you’ll find interesting and possibly controversial. ivermec 12 tablet uses in hindi

Here’s the video version, a link for the text version is beneath. ivermectin toxicity human

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6 thoughts on “Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book – which one for music production?

  1. Hi Robin, Thanks for your very informative videos and blogs. As a professional voiceover who is planning a move from the UK to the US (going back home really after living 20 years here – due to my English wife sadly passing away) creating a bare-bones “booth” to service clients while I am in transit is a priority. Looks like a Surface Pro 4 and a Rode USB mike will do the job. Many thanks

    1. Hi James,
      Well there aren’t any bundles as such but there are a range of Surface Pro 4’s available and a range of audio interfaces and a range of software – so you kind of have to make your own bundle. Audio interfaces range from around £70 to thousands of pounds/dollars and software ranges from free to thousands of pounds/dollars. What sort of thing are you trying to do?

  2. I am trying to use my Surface Pro 4 for audio. I moved my favorite m-audio boxes to the USB output on the surface, downloaded and installed the drivers, and tried it out. It worked for a minute or so, then the OS disabled the m-audio device and put up a box “not enough resources for USB device”. I tried 3 different m-audio boxes – Fast-Track Pro, Fast-Track Ultra, and Fast-Track Ultra 8r. All these work fine on my laptop.

    What professional-quality USB audio interface is known to work with the Surface Pro?

    Yes, I did try plugging a USB-3 hub with separate power supply into the surface and the m-audio device into that. Same problem.

    Thanks for your help. Anyone else have problem getting pro-audio into and out of the surface pro?

    1. Hi James,
      It is a problem I’ve heard about which is usually solved by using a powered hub. I use an Avid Fast Track Duo which is essentially a rebadged M-Audio box and it’s my default device, never had a problem with it on its own or via a passive hub. Have you gone through the tweaks and setting up articles I have on this website? I’ve also used a Steinberg UR28M which works well and has its own power supply. I’ve also heard that some people have problem with Focusrite boxes. Good and solid information is hard to come by, we’re all having to try stuff out and see what happens. Cheers.

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