Surface Pro 6 Audio Performance Testing

A deep dive into the music production performance and capabilities of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. I’ll be testing plug-in counts on multi-track audio, VSTi virtual instruments, polyphony and live performance. I’ll be using Cubase 10, Ableton Live 10, Studio One 4 and instruments from Arturia, Native Instruments, Tracktion and Serum. The audio interface is the NI Komplete Audio 2. And the Surface Pro 6 is the i5, 8GB with 256GB drive.



Tweaking video:

Intro – 0:14
Things to know before we begin – 2:29
System under test details – 7:44
What tests am I running? – 12:08
Running virtual instruments – 13:34
DAWBench plug-in test in Cubase – 24:16
HALion polyphony test in Cubase – 32:53
Studio One plug-in test – 37:05
Moment of reflection – 41:21
Building a track in Ableton Live with multiple synths – 43:12
Conclusions – 49:16

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