Surface Pro 6 testing and tweaking for music production

Can the Surface Pro 6 handle real-time low latency audio? In this video I test the new i5/8GB SP6 with Cubase, Pro Tools and Ableton Live and investigate the potential for stable, glitch free music making. كيف تربح المال بسرعة We’re looking at CPU behaviour and applying tweaks to give us the best, stable audio production environment. انواع لعبة الطاولة Feel free to ask questions in the comments – more videos to come on performance testing, virtual instruments and wotnot. بوسكتس

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4 thoughts on “Surface Pro 6 testing and tweaking for music production

  1. Robin, Your video worked!!! Amazing – what a difference. Before I watched your video, Reason was crapping out at 512 buffer on my Surface Pro 5. After I applied your settings, i’m playing back the same song with no popping, crackling, and my CPU in Reason is barely registering. Thank-you so much, now I can finally make some music 🙂

  2. 25:15 for the meat

    It didn’t solve my issue but thank you for posting ,Robin.

    I’m trying to run standalone Arturia VST’s on the surface to use for playing live but there is an insane amount of lag. The CPU usage on the bottom of the vst screen says it’s only using 30%. Is there a way I can change the settings to allow the VST to use 100% ?

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