Surface Session Ep01: My Surface Pro 4 setup

Surface Session episode 01

This is the first in a series of off-the-cuff videos highlighting whatever I’m currently working on with the Surface Pro 4. مباريات ufc

When I make videos I like to spend a lot of time on it – getting the script right, testing the subject, the gear, making sure it’s all making sense. مواقع لعب So doing something a bit more spontaneous fills me with a certain amount of horror. However, it’s a good idea, it keeps me focused and gets the conversation going around what’s working and what’s not. فريق السيتي I’m aiming to do one a week. Hopefully I’ll warm up to it and it may even become a bit of a live stream….. in time.

I’m also aware that I started off making videos called “Surface Sessions” on the Surface Pro 3 but I figured everyone’s forgotten about those now so I’ll reuse it 🙂

This weeks episode features the Keith McMillen K-Mix, Novation Circuit and Bass Station II, Moog Mother-32, Ableton Live, BioTek, Movement and Yeco.

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6 thoughts on “Surface Session Ep01: My Surface Pro 4 setup

  1. Hi robin
    I am following your videos really keenly as the surface pro does seem like a great tool and want to get my hands on one.
    I also run live, on an older laptop with push 2, have you tried live with push? Or heard of any success stories using that on the surface pro?

    1. Awesome, thanks.
      Also, you said you have some issues with your USB hub, would you recommend the Microsoft one made specifically for the surface pro?
      Thanks again.

  2. That’s tricky because I have the Surface Dock and I always try it out when I have audio problems and it never seems to resolve them. By the time I sort it out I’ve moved back to the other hub so i’m never quite sure whether it worked or not. However, for the wireless issues the dock doesn’t have those. I will endeavour to test it out properly! (soon)

  3. I’m so jealous of all your cool toys. I want that Novation Circuit. 😉

    I have posted links to Surface Pro Audio in a few of the major DAW forums over the past couple of months. I hope you get more traffic as a result.

  4. Robin,
    Sorry to bombard you at this point but I have a couple more questions
    1 how is drawing automation into live with the pen on the surface?
    2 would you recommend waiting until the surface 5 is released to get one? Or are most of the issues you had at the start with the 4 been solved?
    Thanks again!

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