Surface Session Ep01: My Surface Pro 4 setup

Surface Session episode 01

This is the first in a series of off-the-cuff videos highlighting whatever I’m currently working on with the Surface Pro 4. مباريات ufc

When I make videos I like to spend a lot of time on it – getting the script right, testing the subject, the gear, making sure it’s all making sense. مواقع لعب So doing something a bit more spontaneous fills me with a certain amount of horror. However, it’s a good idea, it keeps me focused and gets the conversation going around what’s working and what’s not. فريق السيتي I’m aiming to do one a week. Hopefully I’ll warm up to it and it may even become a bit of a live stream….. in time.

I’m also aware that I started off making videos called “Surface Sessions” on the Surface Pro 3 but I figured everyone’s forgotten about those now so I’ll reuse it 🙂

This weeks episode features the Keith McMillen K-Mix, Novation Circuit and Bass Station II, Moog Mother-32, Ableton Live, BioTek, Movement and Yeco.

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