Surface Sessions Season 3 coming soon…

Season 1 began with making music on the Surface Pro 3. Season 2 featuring the agony of getting the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to work for music production. Season 3 will kick off shortly with the brand new, numerically voided, Surface Pro. طريقة لعب القمار Stay tuned for more.

As of the 15th June the new Surface Pro should become available in the UK and my pre-ordered i5 8GB model should be sent out to me. Will it arrive? Who knows? There’s no new Surface Pen over here yet and the new Typecover delivery seems to have slipped to the end of the month. Not giving me a great deal of confidence in the otherwise awesome simultaneous release. Usually we have to wait 6 months in the UK for a Surface product – in fact tomorrow is the first time the Surface Studio will be available in the UK. ماكينات القمار I’m on tender hooks awaiting despatch confirmation.

When it’s here I’ll get stuck into my usual round of tests and music production benchmarks to see if this baby will work out of the box for audio. Let’s hope so. In the meantime, here’s a video. هازارد 2022

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7 thoughts on “Surface Sessions Season 3 coming soon…

  1. Thanks for all of your videos! So helpful. Any initial thoughts on the fabless i5 for audio? In particular, has throttling been an issue at all? I don’t do anything graphics intensive, so would love to avoid paying more for an i7 if the i5 works well (with Bitwig)

  2. I will be watching for this!

    I have a SP3 (two years old, core-i5, 256 Gig ssd), and a home studio computer (Rain laptop, ~5-6 years old, ready for an upgrade). I’m thinking of getting a Surface Pro 2017 (core-i7, bigger ssd) to replace them both. I’m also eager to see if there is a Surface Book refresh this fall, will probably wait until that happens before I buy.

    My SP3 is doing really well (Bitwig/Ableton/Live plus other multi-media software). Serum is the only thing that can push beyond its limits. Anyway, I’ll look forward to your assessment of the SP2017! I didn’t feel the SP4 was enough of a bump to upgrade, but I did upgrade to the SP4 touchcover, pen and dock, which were big improvements.

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