Tackling Latency and setting up audio on the Surface Pro

I’ll show you how to get low latency audio out of your Surface Pro using both the on-board sound and a USB audio interface. العاب طاولة Featuring ASIO4ALL and the Surface Pro 2017 i5/8GB. This is taken from my larger video on Cubase but it will work in any DAW with similar settings.

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8 thoughts on “Tackling Latency and setting up audio on the Surface Pro

  1. Hello,
    Thanks again for all your instruction videos. They have made me want to get back into music as well as turn my surface pro 4 into a creativity tool. I was interested in purchasing some of the equipment you introduced; one of them being the Avid Fast Track audio interface. That particular one is only available second hand for the most part now, so I was curious if you had a secondary recommendation that would be suitable for the SP4 before I make significant investment. Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi there, thank you for your site… as a SP4 owner it has been invaluable to me.
    I have been considering a new Surface Book 2, but am waiting for your evaluation of the device before I upgrade. Can you tell me if you plan on doing a Surface Book 2 evaluation?

  3. Hi Robin,

    Inquiring minds need to know: Have you reviewed the Surface Book 2 yet?
    Is the AvidFast Track Duo the best USB audio interface for my SB2? Or what?

    Yes indeed, I love your videos and have grown to that believe I have a constitutional right to your opinion.

    Boulder, Colorado

    1. No – because I don’t have one and no one seems interested in sending me one. The Fastrack is just what I have and what I was using. I’ve also tried Steinberg interfaces which are great and i’m currently using an Arturia Audiofuse. Most audio interfaces should work fine with it.


  4. Robin, How does the Steinberg compare to the Arturia Audiofuse for your needs?
    Is the Audiofuse simple enough for a novice to use?

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