Tweaking Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for music production

Are you having trouble running low latency audio software on Windows 10? ivermectin dosage for bird mites This is the guide you need to tweak your system. Newly updated and revised for the Fall Creators Update (Oct 2017). Full explanations included in the video of what you need to do and why it’s important.

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12 thoughts on “Tweaking Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for music production

  1. Another good video. Do you have any update as to whether or not Microsoft will loan you Surface Book 2s (both 13 and 15 inch) so we can benefit from your expertise before spending $3000+ on one of the new models?

  2. Do you know if this could apply to the Surface Book (w/ pref. base) as well? Ever since the update, I’ve been having issues with Serato DJ and Traktor Pro 2 randomly freezing.

    1. I just re-watched the video, and I must have missed the part saying this works for any pc on the fall creaters update (doh!). I’ll be trying this out. Thanks for all your videos!

  3. Hi Robin
    Greetings from Echo Park
    I was curious if there has been any further changes in the OS since this video, I’ve not been able to get powercfg.exe /hibernate off to work on my Machine…

  4. Is Surface book capable of running audio without dropouts for 10 hours? I tested my PC with latencymon and can’t get nice results, bought new PC – new problems, still can’t perform with it.

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