Making music on the Surface Go Ep1 – Windows 10 S Mode

A new series of videos on the Surface Go beings right here.

Can you make music on the Surface Go? Is it powerful enough to be a little recording studio or virtual instrument machine? That’s what this series of videos aims to find out. In Episode 1 I’m looking at how it comes out of the box – in Windows 10 S Mode. This means it can only run Windows 10 Store apps – no regular desktop software like your DAW, effects or instruments. What can you run, what can you do and does any of it work? Featuring StageLight and FL Studio Mobile, let’s find out.

If you are only interested in Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live etc then check out Episode 2!

Intro – 0:05
What is Windows 10 S Mode? – 3:23
Getting playback from Windows Store music apps – 5:03
Adding a MIDI keyboard – 8:42
Latency – 19:29
Installing an audio interface – 29:04
Recording audio – 33:19
Effects and VST Plugins – 42:32
Recording in stereo in Recording Studio Pro – 46:10
Conclusions – 50:59

As a companion to the first video here’s some music making and performance testing in StageLight


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