Surface Dial transformed into a MIDI Controller with Elephant

Use the Microsoft Surface Dial to control your MIDI software, virtual instruments and DAW. Elephant is a little app that will give you instant knob control and MIDI mapping to any parameter you like so you can use the Surface Dial for music making.

Please note – other knob controllers designed for MIDI control are available. This video is about a fabulous app that turns a useless piece of hi-grade hardware into something cool.

2 thoughts on “Surface Dial transformed into a MIDI Controller with Elephant

  1. Hi! Thanks for the video, this looks very interesting (indeed, the only thing I reckoned this dial was good for!). I was wondering though: at 10.24, looking at the waveforms, they do seem exceedingly linear for manual movements. Does the rotation capture continuous movements (say, midi values 1…2…3…255), then send out those same values with minimal delay – or does it capture some movements (say, 1..80…160…240), then send out a linear interpolation of these (perhaps continuously)? It just somehow looks like the latter is happening, as I can’t quite imagine such “spikey” movements to happen in a biomechanical process!

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