Microsoft TechDay ad break videos

I’ve been working with the people at Microsoft UK to produce a couple of videos showcasing the Surface Pro 3 as a music making tool. The idea is then to drop these videos into the breaks between the TechDay seminars to dazzle and amaze people – or at least give them a reason to smile. If you’ve come here because of the link on the video then welcome! رسالة من eis sms My name is Robin Vincent and I spend my time talking about computer music technology, making video tutorials and reviews and building computers for music production. With SurfaceProAudio I wanted to see how well the Surface Pro 3 would perform as a music creation and live performance tool – and here we are. لعبه دومينو So please tell me about your experiences, subscribe to the youtube channel and let’s see how far we can go with this. I’ll be posting the videos once the TechDay event is over and i’ll also be doing a behind the scenes video focusing on getting the Surface and iPad to make music together. Not sure what I mean? The head over to the Microsoft TechDay website to catch the videos. استثمار مبلغ 5000

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