Novation Audiohub 2×4 – the perfect Surface Pro 3 audio interface?

Just seen this cool video (below) about the Novation’s new audio interface, the Audiohub 2×4. I’ve always rated Novation’s hardware – I’ve had a Nio 2/4 for years and still use it live so when they put something new out it’s always worth a look. The Audiohub is quite a specific audio interface but the thing that grabs me straight away is the inclusion of a 3 port USB hub. It’s such a simple thing and I’ve always wondered why manufacturers don’t include at the very least a pass-through port. We all use dongles/iLoks/Ignition keys and we often want to plug a MIDI keyboard and controller into the precious few ports on our live performance machines – it’s a complete no brainer to include a USB hub on the side of the audio interface. Akai did it with the EIEI/O a few years ago but I’ve not seen it since. Novation seem to have stumbled upon the idea again though and for the Surface Pro 3 with its one USB port – that’s fabulous!

The actual specs of the device are a little bit too simple. You’ve got stereo in on RCA phono and 4 out, with two outputs mirrored as balanced outputs. ivermectin brand name in pakistan You’ve then got volume control over both pairs and a headphone socket that they make a lot of noise about being LOUD. That’s all cool but why do I need 4 outputs again? I can only really connect one audio source to it, two in mono I guess, but there’s no mic or guitar input. They’ve aimed it squarely at the electronic musician who has one external synth – so like in the video with the Bass Station II that’s the perfect setup. It’s just not quite enough for me.

I think the look and concept of the Audiohub is awesome – it really solves a particular problem very well indeed. I feel it could have been a little bit more. Electronic musicians performing live seem to be incorporating more external gear these days – along with the Bass Station we start to find those little Korg boxes and Arturia synths so, you know, maybe 6 inputs would be awesome – it can be on phonos, doesn’t need to suddenly be a 1U rack unit. ivermectin resistant worms equine I’d also include at least one mic preamp and a Hi-z input for guitar – electronic musicians often have singers and you’d want to route them through your software as well. And I really don’t need anything more that a stereo output. ivermectin and propylene glycol heartworm prevention So I’d like an Audiohub 6×2 please, with mic/guitar, individual gain/level knobs on top and of course the 3 port USB hub – thank you!

But that’s just me – otherwise it’s potentially a perfect choice for the Surface Pro 3.

7 thoughts on “Novation Audiohub 2×4 – the perfect Surface Pro 3 audio interface?

  1. Hello
    Can Surface 3 handle with focusrite solo audio interface for mic input. I am asking because I concering about the power problem, is this set up okey ? Thank you

  2. I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlette 2i4 to use with my SP3 i7. But I noticed that I am picking up a really bad hum when the power is plugged/snapped into the SP3. If I disconnect the power supply from the Scarlette the hum is lowered… but you can still hear it.

    Either way after about a week, I returned back to the shop where I got it. They are supposed to send me another unit.

    My question is this “normal”? Or I really did have a bad unit?

    1. I’ve heard a few people having trouble with Focusrite interfaces and the SP3. It sounds like you are having some earth loop trouble, you might want to look at improving your cables, checking your power supply and maybe getting a hum eliminator. It’s a common problem with regular laptops but not one I’ve seen on the surface because the power supply is double insulated and so won’t cause a earth loop. Tricky to solve – it should work fine – but as I say other people have had trouble with Focusrite so maybe a different interface would be your best bet.


  3. Hello
    I Would like to recird some instrumental with my surface pro 3, i5 core, 4g ram 256g memory.
    I Would like to use a usb guitar multi-fx (digitech rp1000) for guitar, basés and mandoline…a drum box (like maschîne mkII) for loops and programmîng.
    Does cubase le 4 (dermatites with the digitech is enough for my lo-fi , excuse my french, à la punk , project….
    Did you know about this cubase version?
    I’m rotaly beginer in music production ( plat the guitar for over 20 years)

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