Surface Session Ep03: Solving the Wi-Fi drop out issue with USB3.0

Add a USB2.0 hub to your Surface to keep your Wi-Fi working

One annoying issue I’ve had ever since I got the Surface Pro 4 is that the Wi-Fi connection would drop every time I plug in a USB3.0 device. It could be a USB3.0 hub, a USB3.0 drive or thumb drive. Everything worked perfectly through it but the internet would disappear. حساب بايير After a lot of faffing around I found the answer in a USB2. بينجو 0 hub – or at least a workaround. Will it have an impact on performance or will it also cure the other issues I’ve encountered? 888 casino عربي Who can tell – but here’s me demonstrating the problem and the solution while having a good old chin wag.

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7 thoughts on “Surface Session Ep03: Solving the Wi-Fi drop out issue with USB3.0

  1. Hey Robin,

    I’ve just purchased a Surface Book in hopes to replace my aging Macbook Pro. However, it is going to need to run just as well, if not better than my Macbook Pro if I am going to keep it. Are there any specific tests you would like me to run? I have the i5, 8GB of RAM with dGPU model. I currently have access to Ableton Live 9 and the BitWig Studio demo. I am using a Novation Audiohub 2×4 as an interface as well.

    Thanks for doing all this research. If I can help at all, just let me know.

    1. Hi – thanks for that! What I’d really like to know is how it performs compared to the MacBook – I’ve never used a MacBook so I have no clue as to how much they can run. Expectations are always a factor with mobile music making and maybe i’m pushing harder than I need to. Cheers.

    1. You really need a fully functioning USB3.0 port and Wi-Fi during a show? If you check out the comments on YouTube you’ll find lots of people offering alternative solutions for this issue. Going to USB2 is just what’s working for me. There’s so many other factors involved in choosing a SP4 – this, for me, is not a biggy.

  2. thanks for all of these great videos & analysis. they’ve been very helpful and are even responsible for my buying a Surface Pro 4 over a macbook – tell THAT to Msft.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for all the videos and re-search, it is great help what you do!

    I have one question regarding the USB hub.

    I have a push 2 and a Focusrite audio interface. What USB hub do you recommend so I am able to use both device with my Surface pro 4?

    Thank you!


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