Surface Session Ep04: Multitracking with Pro Tools and the K-Mix

Surface Pro 4 with Pro Tools
Pro Tools ran really poorly in my “Mega Test” back in May, so I’ve returned to see if the Windows and Surface updates have improved things. لعبة لربح المال The idea is to see if it will record 8 tracks of audio and let me run a bunch of effects. 1xbet شرح Will it work?
At the same time it gives me the chance to work with the Keith McMillen K-Mix so I can point out some annoyances with this otherwise excellent box. لعب الروليت

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8 thoughts on “Surface Session Ep04: Multitracking with Pro Tools and the K-Mix

  1. GTFO! Man I am right jealous of your new surface book!
    Also, really glad things are working out on the surface for you. Definitely my next computer!
    I am 100% sold on it now!

  2. I would have liked to see any DAW other than Pro Tools, but that’s just an opinion. I appreciate AVID’s popularity in professional studios and the fact you build Pro Tools systems.

    I enjoyed your critique of the K-Mix software.

    Happy to see things improving on the Surface Pro and you getting a new toy to play with.

    1. Ok…… scroll through the website or the YouTube channel and you’ll find me covering all sorts of software. I’ll also be doing more videos using other DAWs. I started with Pro Tools because it’s the one that had the most trouble in my Mega Test – go check that out! 🙂

      1. Yes, I’ve watched your other stuff, including the Mega Test.

        Considering the number of problems you’ve been having with various DAWs, I was just a bit surprised to see Pro Tools in your latest review.

        I will admit I happily used Pro Tools 8 years ago, but my recent attempt with Pro Tools First was a time-sucking disaster. The fact that I have since bought Xpand! 2 for $1 means I probably won’t be trying PT again any time soon.

        1. I’m surprised you’re surprised! In order to re-test something it makes complete sense to me to start with the worst result and see how that runs. Well, stick around as i’m going to do Pro Tools again but this time on a Surface Book – you’ll love it 🙂

          1. really looking forward to your pro tools (and studio one) results on the surface book – for me they work great but plugin count extremely limited by cpu spikes.

  3. Can you do a test where you check the battery life while working on the surface pro 4? Unplug it at full charge and run like Ableton or Bitwig, put in some VST’s and check the time before it dies?:)

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