Surface Session EP08 – Touch and Toolbar Creator on Surface Book

Surface Toolbar Creator

When using touch and the digital pen on the Surface Book in sketch-pad mode you lose access to your keyboard shortcuts. بث مباشر 365 I use an app called Toolbar Creator which lets me build a little toolbar with a bunch of shortcuts that I can tap on. اليورو 2022 Simple things like copy and paste, undo are now far easier than trying to right-click with the pen or find it in a menu. Functions in Cubase like bringing up the mixer, duplicating, adding tracks are so much easier if you have them in a toolbar. I believe this should be something that Windows does natively – but no one ever listens to me. مكان يورو 2022

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The Toolbar Creator is a vital utility for anyone using touch or the pen on Surface products. You can download it here:

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3 thoughts on “Surface Session EP08 – Touch and Toolbar Creator on Surface Book

  1. Hi Robin – useful tool…. but still doesn’t seem to be able to address the problem I have:
    I’m using a touchscreen all-in-one PC (so no pen or stylus). I’ve used both freeware on-screen mouse controls, and now the Microsoft one in the latest insider builds. The problem with these is that they will not allow you to use the on-screen keyboard CTRL key to drag copy items. I tried using a CTRL hot key using this tool, but this does not work either.
    I don’t suppose you’ve come across any combination of tools that will allow you to drag an item with CTRL held down using only touch screen controls? 

  2. Amazing – thanks Robin – that’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s also really useful for selecting multiple files (I know W10 has the ‘tick boxes’ but I don’t find those 100% consistent). Being able to ‘toggle on’ CTRL means you can tap select multiple files with ease!

    I’m now thinking what I can do with this within Sonar – looking at many of the built in keyboard shortcuts and starting to build my own simplified menu bar just for the tools I use all the time….
    I’m wondering if I could set up slider controls on the toolbar for + – and [ ] to control onscreen faders / knobs (I find the rotary knobs are particularly difficult to control by touch commands)??

    An exciting world of possibilities to explore this weekend – thanks again!

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