Surface Session EP09 – Cubase Pro 9 overview on the Surface Book

Cubase 9 and Surface Book

Cubase Pro 9 was just released from Steinberg and so I dropped it onto the Surface Book to see what’s new and what works well for touch. اونو لعبة

I’ll be making some music with it really soon to see what it can handle.

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7 thoughts on “Surface Session EP09 – Cubase Pro 9 overview on the Surface Book

    1. Hi Robin,
      May I say what and inspirational educator you have been for us overlooked music creators! Thank you and evey episode has been absorbing.
      Do you think NI kontakt running on say reaper would be OK? I’m weighing up an entry level MacBook Pro 2.0 8. 256 or your spec surface pro. I have Steinberg sound module. Trying to jump off Apple and switch back to Windows.
      Kind wishes.

      1. :))))) Thank you for your clear answer, informing me about the difference between connections in surface book and surface pro would be enough for me!!! as I don’t have surface book I didn’t know the connection is different

  1. Thanks for the overview, Robin. I just picked up Cubase 9 last week and there’s not a lot of reviews out.

    I have a poor man’s Surface Pro, but even if Steinberg had dramatically improved the touch experience, I doubt I would install it due to its size.

    I use iOS apps, as well, and people seem pretty happy with Cubasis 2. Some of us are hopeful that the new Sampler Track will make its way over.

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