Surface Session Ep10 – Ableton Live and Surface Book Performance testing

Ableton Live on Surface Book
How well does Ableton Live run on the Surface Book? مكافآت كاس العرب Let’s find out! I build a big project on the i7 Surface Book and keep adding stuff until it crackles. I then compare it to the i5 Surface Pro 4 and see how they differ.
Surface Book i7 6600U 2.6GHz 16GB with Nvidia
Surface Pro 4 i5 6300U 2.4GHz 8GB
Ableton Live Suite 9.7

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4 thoughts on “Surface Session Ep10 – Ableton Live and Surface Book Performance testing

  1. This is super-helpful.

    I have a Surface Pro 3. I bought it two years ago as my travel computer for e-mail/docs/web/other basics, assuming it might not be great for highest power stuff, and also for that reason got a core-i5. (I have a tricked-out Rain laptop as my home music studio.) Well, the SP3 runs Ableton Live and other software multi-media software I use amazingly well.

    I’m not a person who has 50 tracks and 4000 effects chained together. I do fairly economical mixes, and use it a lot for live situations. I’ve literally never had a problem except with Serum, which is a very CPU-intensive plug-in and can overwhelm my Surface with just one track if it’s a big instrument. (So I have to bounce Serum tracks when I use that plug-in.) But I’ve been amazed with the SP3, and really happy with how well it does.

    I’m looking covetously at the Surface Book though. I’m planning to wait until fall, see if there is a refresh, then decide between the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 2017.

  2. Hey! I have the slightly smaller version of the Surface book, and I’m experiencing MASSIVE cpu hits doing the most simple things in Live. Even just playing a chord of a looping sample in Simpler can get me up towards 10%. Any ideas as to what could cause this??

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